Vernacular Visionaries: International Outsider Art

Global in scope, the book features essays by leading international scholars on eight artists from around the world, including Gedewon, a cleric from Ethiopia who made unique and psychedelic talismans; William Hawkins, an African-American self-taught artist with a unique pop sensibility; the Mexican artist Marti­n Ramirez, creator of large-scale works that tell tales of mestizo life; Nek Chand Saini, whose Rock Garden in India is a leading visionary site; Hung Tung, whose colorful scrolls reflect both traditional Taiwanese culture and fantastic imagination; former Navajo medicine man Charlie Willeto, carver of raw, expressionistic figures and animals; Anna Zema¡nkova¡, Czech maker of dreamy, biomorphic drawings, perhaps done in a trance or mediumistic state; and Italian artist Carlo Zinelli, whose bold graphic compositions display incredible patterns and energy.

Filled with stunning photographs and new scholarship, the book presents a major study of international Outsider Art and demonstrates the importance of place and time, as well as internal genius in these artists' creative processes. Softcover, 156 pages.