Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury influences communication and transportation. It moves through the sky in the same direction as the Sun. However, when it is closest to Earth, it appears to move in reverse, also known as retrograde.

This survival kit is made to get your mind, body, and spirit through the tumultuous time that is Mercury Retrograde. When hurt feelings are stirred in the workplace, relationships, and with the self due to miscommunication and hiccups in travel plans (even the short commute to work).

Kit Includes:

  • White Sage for a deep energetic cleanse
  • Cedar for harmony and communication building
  • Clear Apophyllite for awareness and inner vision
  • 2 Black Intention Candles for protection
  • 1 Pink Intention Candle for love and comfort
  • Luna Candle Holder for lunar connection
  • Abalone Shell for ceremony use and to hold smudge
  • Mercury Retrograde and Lunar Calendar
  • Smudge Prayer
  • Instructions for Smudging and lighting intention candles