Nancy Chilly Pot

This Navajo pot by Nancy is designed with colorful etched Navajo female and male Yei figures with the horned Moon and Kiva steps.  Hallmarked NAC.

Nancy Chilly is a talented Navajo potter from the Four Corners area on the Navajo Reservation.  She and her husband, Jackson Yazzie, work together making traditional pottery.  They live on the Utah portion of the Navajo reservation, quite some distance from the Cow Springs area in Arizona where most Navajo potters live, close to the clay beds of that moister area.  Nevertheless, that is where they go to get their clay, as do most Navajo potters.  Nancy specializes in making traditional Navajo pots with colorful Navajo designs of Ye'iis and the sacred corn plant. After firing in a open pit kiln Nancy uses pine pitch for the outside slip or layer.