Judy Toya Six Baby Story Teller

Judy Toya, from Jemez Pueblo, makes this six baby storyteller from local clays and pigments.

Because of the nature of this hand made piece, children with their gifts will vary.

Judy Toya was born into the Water Clan at Jemez Pueblo. She began making pottery in 1972. Judy comes from a family of potters; she is the niece of pottery mask maker Fannie Loretto and storyteller potters Lupe Lucero and Alma Concha. She learned the art from her mother, Mary E. Toya.

Judy uses all natural materials--she digs the clay from the hills around the Jemez Pueblo, uses natural slips and fires her pottery traditionally outdoors.  She specializes in storytellers and is known for her love of designing the children in clay.  Judy has won many awards for her work and loves meeting artists and people from all over the world at shows she participates in.  Her storytellers have become a favorite of collectors.