Boulder Turquoise Earrings

Nevada has been an important source of turquoise since prehistoric times. Turquoise normally forms narrow veins or small nodules along altered zones in host rock, but on rare occasions large slabs and nodules have been recovered. Also known as Ribbon Turquoise, the Boulder turquoise mine is located in northeast Nevada in the original Royston Mines.  Boulder Turquoise is comprised of Jasper surrounding ribbons of Turquoise making it unusual to find this dense hard stone. It has such great coloring on it’s own with shades of Teal running through rich brown boulders.

Earrings are 1 1/4" long on a 1/2" wire drop. Stone is set in a simple sterling silver setting. Each piece is made by hand, therefore variations in shape and colors may appear. Hallmarked and stamped "Sterling".