Jacqueline Gala Sterling Silver Earrings

Hopi artist Jacqueline Gala has created these beautiful Asian inspired earrings.  Stamped Gala and 925.

Jacqueline Gala began studying art and photography as one of the lucky students who was able to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) programs while she was still in high school. She went on to continue her college studies there. While at IAIA Jacqueline was fortunate to study with Allan Houser and Otelie Loloma among many others.

After great success with photography and painting Jacqueline learned silversmithing.  She follows in the footsteps of legendary jewelers such as Ray Tracey and G. Phil Poirier.  Jacqueline has had many other influences in her life--from Asian elements to modern European and classic Native American--but has developed her own style, blending tribal traditions with international influences and incorporating beautiful, unusual gems.

Jacqueline currently resides at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.