Alvina Yepa Feather and Cornstalk Pot

Alvina Yepa was born into the Sun Clan at Jemez Pueblo on August 4, 1954. She learned to make pottery from her mother, Felipita Nonche Yepa, starting with painting and polishing pieces. She is known for her intricately etched, large scale jars in the notable Jemez red color, often incorporating sgraffito and a melon-style swirl. Some pots also include kiva steps on the upper lip. Her work has won Alvina many accolades since the 1980s when she began producing her own pottery. Most recently, she won second place in pottery at the 2018 SWAIA Indian Market.

Measures 4.5" h x 5" w. Signed Alvina Yepa, Jemez Pueblo, NM.