Branches with Almond Blossom Armored Wallet

Branches with Almond Blossom, by Vincent van Gogh, was painted in 1890 in honor of a special event in Vincent's life. On January 31, Vincent's brother Theo and his wife Johanna had a son and they named him Vincent Willem. Vincent painted this branch of blossoming almonds in celebration of the birth.

Made of sturdy waterproof aluminum it has 6 interior pockets with RFID shielding plus an electromagnetic sleeve to help protect you from identity theft. The security latch keeps the wallet securely closed and your essentials protected.

The Armored Wallet will protect your credit and debit cards, as well as enhanced drivers licenses, identify cards, hotel keys, transit cards and any other RFID enabled card from RFID scanner identity theft. It also holds cash, business cards, receipts and fits easily in a purse or pocket.

A great gift idea!