Doorway To Spruce Tree House Holiday Card Set

Inside Message:
Since ancient times

friends have gathered

for celebrations and ceremonies.

May we all share in the

Spirit of this season.

Clifford Brycelea is an award winning Navajo artist. His subjects usually reflect a culture and belief of Native Americans. He does not limit his subjects to the Navajo for he has studied many Indian cultures and found they have much in common. His watercolors often feature uncluttered remote scenery and lone tipis or hogans. He strives to make his landscapes restful to look at and hopes they evoke a sense of peacefulness.  "Every American Indian believes in the Great Spirit.  I paint what we would see if we really opened our eyes.  I endeavor to present my land and my understanding of it in a way that the viewer can feel the wonder of my creation."

Package contains 12 cards and 12 envelopes.