Edith John Navajo Chicken

Navajo folk art are interpretations of everyday objects such as animals and people that the Navajo artist fashions from wood, clay or other natural materials.  In recent years, wood figurines hand carved by self-taught Navajo artists have developed into Navajo Folk Art.  These carvings of traditional personal images and indigenous animals are characteristic of the cultural integrity on the Navajo people.  Strong cultural values provide for and sustain the artistic traditions of the Navajo. 

Edith John is the daughter of the late, contemporary folk artist Woody Herbert who was known for his folk art Brahma bulls.  She started carving cottonwood in 1990 for fun, working with her father to make toys for the children.  The immense popularity of her work has made carving an important source of income for the Johns. Guy works with Edith to make stylized creatures in every imaginable color. Owls, turkeys and chickens are among the Johns' most sought after carvings.

Edith’s folk art chickens elicit happiness wherever they roost!  Bold colors and patterns that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your Navajo folk art collection.  Hand carved out of cottonwood and hand painted with a straw tail.  Signed on the bottom Edith John.

Edith Herbert John and her husband Guy live in Sweetwater, Arizona with their children.