Michelle Tsosie Sisneros Inside of My Heart Giclee Canvas Print

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros is a highly regarded contemporary artist of Santa Clara, Navajo and Laguna descent. She is primarily a painter but she also creates innovative handcrafted jewelry and pottery. Her painting style is abstract with some surrealist influences, yet her subjects are drawn from traditional Native American themes and include Pueblo women, Yeis, clowns, deer and landscapes. Michelle is also the illustrator of a children’s book, "Kokopelli’s Gift", and has a line of greeting cards, bookmarks, magnets and Christmas ornaments, many of which are hand painted. She grew up in Window Rock, Arizona in the Navajo Nation but now lives in Santa Clara Pueblo.

Giclee print on stretched canvas measuring 8" x 8". Piece is titled "Inside of My Heart" and includes the following inscription:

"I wish you knew how much I love you...
Little sister.
What I feel inside for you,
How I love you in my heart."