Valverde Nevayaktewa Eagle and Red Tail Hawk Katsina

Valverde Nevayaktewa is a talented katsina carver.  He is recognized for his two figure dolls whereby he carves two images that are opposites to each other in one piece.  Finely painted and detailed makes this katsina a wonderful work of art!

The Eagle Katsina (Kwahu) appears in the kiva dances in March.  It enacts the motions of eagles, hoping to increase numbers of these most significant birds.  The eagle is treated with honor at all times as, among other responsibilities, he is the messenger between the people and their spirit guides.

Although rarely seen, the  red tail hawk serves as both hunter and warrior.  He is also known as a Chief Katsina serving many different purposes.

The katsina is made from cottonwood root.  It is signed Valverde Nevayaktewa and hallmarked.