Jhane Myers Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Lustrous pearls interspersed with sterling silver beads make up this exquisite necklace and earring set.

Jhane Myers is a 5th generation award winning doll maker, jeweler, regalia maker and designer and a traditional buckskin dancer.  She is from the Pennetukah (sugar eater) and Yaparukah (root eater) bands of the Comanche Nation.  She studied fashion in Dallas at the Fashion and Art Institute and worked for designer Ralph Lauren. Jhane gained notoriety by winning awards at some of the Nation’s largest Native art shows including a collaborative 2010 Best of Show win at the Heard Museum Indian Market in Phoenix, Arizona.  Jhane resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her handmade jewelry utilizes design elements that hails back to her cultural teachings. In both Southern and Northern Plains styles, her simple but elegant sterling silver tribal shaped pendants clearly reflect her proud heritage all the way to her hand stamp initials of JM which has been the cattle brand of Myers Ranch in Apache, Oklahoma since 1901 and is where her father Jim Myers resides today.  "The opportunity to capture the stories of her ancestors and work with her hands to recreate a part of history is important in passing down the history and traditions to the next generation."