Girl Mermaid

In Haitian Oil Drum art, the designs are chalked out on flattened steel oil drums and then cut out with a mallet and chisel. Characteristics of these metal sculptures include areas that are concave or convex, intricate patterns are created by hammering in "bumps" of different heights.

Mermaids have been with us for centuries. They have crossed boundaries of time and space, with one culture enriching the mermaid lore of another. Haitians have her in the form of La Sirene, blended from versions as diverse as the Ancient Greeks, Renaissance Europeans and the tribes of West Africa.

This mermaid decided to come up for some fresh air and to talk with her bird friends.

A well-accomplished artist of considerable talent, Nicolson Mathieu has great range of vision. From grapes on the vine to flip-tailed mermaids, his works run from classic and timeless to whimsical. A rather shy, soft-spoken man, he nevertheless has a playful, humorous side.