Mermaids Catch

In Haitian Oil Drum art, the designs are chalked out on flattened steel oil drums and then cut out with a mallet and chisel. Characteristics of these metal sculptures include areas that are concave or convex, intricate patterns are created by hammering in "bumps" of different heights.

This is a special mermaid holding individually carved set of five fish.

Evenson Thenor performed a long series of apprenticeships with such prominent Croix-des-Bouquets sculptors as Claude Soulouque, Jonas Balan and Herbert Bernard before opening his own shop called “Corbel” at the age of twenty.  Though the themes of his sculptures run a wide gamut, from schools of fish to giraffes dancing in the forest to the vibe of a rara band, he claims that his favorite images are of angels, mermaids and trees.