Indian Country - The Art of David Bradley

Indian Country: The Art of David Bradley

Valerie K. Verzuh

For the past three decades, artist David Bradley (Minnesota Chippewa) has been a recognized voice from Indian Country, exploring and confronting through his art questions of identity, self-determination, and self-portrait, and bringing to the surface issues about which he is passionate. His ironic, vivid, vibrant paintings are saturated with the artist’s powerful and evocative depictions of the Indian experience and perspective. Bradley’s paintings interweave historical and political truths, social and personal narrative, and cultural critique. Native people take center stage in world art, challenging imbedded assumptions, reconsidering history and deconstructing its icons. A post-modern trickster, Bradley redirects the gaze of American life from an Indian point of view—an outsider observing the world with paradox, incongruity, fantasy, and humor.