Daphne Quam Frog Fetish

Daphne Quam, along with her husband Leland Boone, is a fetish carver from Zuni Pueblo. Leland and Daphne are beloved for their beautiful work with bright colored stones and glass slag. The slag is made by the couple in the workshop. They purchase glass sculptures from hobby stores and break them down into pieces for several carvings. These mediums are unique and catch the eye for their color and shine, bringing life to Leland's preference of traditional animals such as coyotes, wolves, bears, beavers, and mountain lions. Still, alligators, frogs, and the rare penguin have been known to find form in their mediums under Leland and Daphne's care and attention to detail. Every piece is a unique celebration of heritage and culture with a story all its own.

Measures 1 1/4" h x 2" w x 2 1/2" d.