New Moon Charmed Simplicity Necklace

Designed to wow, the Charmed Simplicity Necklace is classic, timeless and uniquely personal. The magnificent moon charm set in silver features the phase of the moon on a date of special meaning to you--whether it is your birthday or that of your lover or the day you tied the knot--any memorable milestone deserves to be celebrated! And like the moon itself, the awe-inspiring lunar phase charms catch the rays of the sun by day to illuminate in darkness--creating a soft inviting glow that will surely be a conversation starter! Let it capture your imagination and be a forever reminder of what and who is important to you. Grab this one-of-a-kind moon charm necklace today!

Symbolic of a new beginnings, the New Moon signals the end of an entire Lunar Cycle which leads to the next New Moon. Those born under this phase are supercharged with the renewing, spiritual energy of the Universe. They have an affinity for all things creative and tend to be imaginative, intuitive and impulsive--occasionally making decisions without thinking them through. Yet when they commit to their passion, they do so with a strong resolve to develop, cultivate and make manifest. Although, as lunar energy ebbs and flows, staying connected to their inner resolve becomes difficult at times. Mania, nervousness and racing thoughts may develop, signaling a time to slow down and feel the earth underfoot. By letting go of all fears, worries and self-judgment, they will begin again to give birth to new ideas and concepts. Wear this moon phase to honor birthdays or any sacred date and energize your life with the spirit of new beginnings.

Your moon will absorb light and glow in dark environments.

Silver Plated Pendant is 1/2" in diameter on a 18" Sterling Silver Chain.