Buffalo Pin/Pendant

This mighty buffalo pin/pendant is handcrafted on sterling silver with Kingman turquoise and onyx its body.

To Native Americans, the Bison or American Buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundance. Buffalo were their lifeline--the Indians had a symbiotic relationship with them and always honored the mighty beasts for the many blessings they provided.

Jaci Fischer, originally of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was exposed to art from very early on--watching her father, Fred G. Fischer, who was an artist and art teacher.  He painted, carved wood and leather, made jewelry, pottery and drew portraits.  He also built a house, garages and a very large rocking horse for his daughter.  All that certainly helped direct her future as an artist.  She received her BFA at the University of Northern Colorado and went on to earn her MFA in drawing and design at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  After graduate school she was juried into the First and Second Colorado Biennial Art Exhibition at the Denver Art Museum.
In addition to her plein aire and portraits, Jaci has recently launched a large series of contemporary silver and mixed stone jewelry.  The styles are hand constructed silver of animal images.