Wanda Lobito Pin

A wonderful, creative piece by Wanda.  The spiny oyster shell is set in a sterling silver bezel and accented by variscite and bead detailingHallmarked Lobito and stamped 925. 

Wanda Lobito has lived in northern New Mexico for over 20 years.  She has experimented with many contemporary art forms, but was continually drawn back to the subject she grew up with--religious icons. "I’ve always loved the traditional depictions of the Blessed Virgin Mother, the Sacred Heart, Archangel Michael, St. Francis and many other holy images. With great love and respect, I have attempted to revive the art of devotional jewelry known as the reliquario. I view each piece I make as a personal altar, keeping the wearer mindful, present, and filled with wonder."

Wanda creates original, museum-quality jewelry intended to move the heart--a worldwide symbol of love and devotion.

All of Wanda's jewelry is handmade from sterling silver.