We Demand the Right to Vote: The Journey to the 19th Amendment

Ever wonder what our foremothers were doing while our forefathers were making recorded history? They were fighting for women’s social & political freedom, with the aim of securing women’s right to vote.

We Demand The Right To Vote:

• Presents an overview of women’s 72-year struggle for the right to vote: 1848-1920
• Provides the BIG picture of these historical events
• Chronicles historical facts paired with inspiring illustrations
• Educates readers about American history that’s not taught in our schools nor is it part of our society's lexicon
• Begins with the influence of Native American women, where other books do not include this cultural impact
• Is written in an easy-to-read conversational style
• Is the only illustrated all-ages women’s suffrage history book offered for 2020
• 8” x 10” Paperback

By Meneese Wall, Local Author Santa Fe, NM