Valverde Nevayaktewa Morning Singer and Evening Katsina

Valverde Nevayaktewa is a talented katsina carver.  He is recognized for his two figure dolls whereby he carves two images that are opposites to each other in one piece.  Finely painted and detailed makes this katsina a wonderful work of art!

Morning Singers (Talavai) used to appear in pairs on the rooftops and sing songs, waking the people in the village.  During the day, they would dance with the other katsinas, whom they led and prompted in the singing. They still appear with the other katsinas in ceremonies and are most often standing in a set to one side of the main movement of the procession. Occasionally, they sing as they stand holding their spruce trees and ringing their bells.

The katsina is made from cottonwood root.  It is signed Valverde Nevayaktewa and hallmarked.