Kenojuak Ashevak Owls from Cape Dorset Holiday Card Assortment

Kenojuak Ashevak (1927–2013) is widely considered a Canadian national treasure. She was a groundbreaking artist for Kinngait Studios, in the Arctic territory of Nunavut and ultimately a pioneer of modern Inuit art.

Ashevak made her first print as a member of the cooperative studios in 1958 and for decades she continued to transform the plants and animals of the Inuit world into radiant works of art. “I was trying my best to say something on a piece of paper,” she said. “I was thinking of the animals and beautiful flowers that covered our beautiful, untouched land.”

After establishing her reputation in 1960 with The Enchanted Owl--an image so popular it was reproduced on a Canadian postage stamp--she worked nearly nonstop. She contributed to Cape Dorset’s print collection almost every year and completed countless special commissions. Ashevak loved to make pictures of birds, particularly owls. Reflecting on her art, she said, “I am the light of happiness, and I am a dancing owl.”

Contains five each of the following holiday cards:
Grand Entrance, 2008
Owl in Blue, 1991
Owl’s Bouquet, 2007
Vigilant Owl, 2007

Inside message: Season’s Greetings

Twenty assorted 5" x 7" holiday cards with envelopes in a decorative box.  Printed on recycled paper.