Navajo Madonna Holiday Card Set

Inside Greeting:

Now of the Holy Youth, therefore He telleth.

Now of unending life, therefore He telleth,

Now of unchanging joy, therefore He telleth.

Ya’ateeh Keshmish

(Merry Christmas)

Beverly Blacksheep is a Navajo artist who grew up in the heart of the Navajo Nation.  She studied interior design at Northern Arizona University and was influenced by drafting and color coordination.  Her education led her to an interest in fine art and she developed her individual style inspired by early traditional paintings.  Beverly works in gouache and technical inks to create paintings that reveal a sense of harmony and balance with Mother Earth.  She has won awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Gallup International Ceremonial, the Navajo Nation Fair and the Powhatan Renape Show.

Contains 12 5" x 7" cards and 12 envelopes.