Eric Fender Travel Mug

This unique double-walled ceramic travel mug is a replica of a single beautiful clay pot handcrafted by award-winning San Ildefonso artist Erik Fender. The mug depicts symbols traditional to San Ildefonso pottery. Fender builds upon the storied legacy of his mother and grandmother, potters Martha Appleleaf and Carmelita Dunlap.

Collectible ceramic travel mug based on original by artist Eric Fender of San Ildefonso Pueblo. Cup measurements: 5-3/4" H x 2½" L x 3¼" W with 12 oz capacity. Double-walled, press-in suction lid. Not for use in dishwashers or microwaves. The mugs are designed by Pueblo artists from New Mexico, and printed on imported ceramics. Artist receives royalties for each mug sold.