Elousie Giskie Ganado Rug

This Ganado Rug woven by Elousie Giskie measures 68" x 42". When many people think of a Navajo rug, they picture a Ganado rug. The popularity of the Ganado Navajo rug is due in part to Juan Lorenzo Hubbell, an important early trader who owned several trading posts on the Navajo reservation. Hubbell admired early Navajo blankets from the Classic Navajo period (1700-1865) and encouraged weavers in the area to model their rugs after these designs, using red, black, white, and natural grey wools. By the 1930s, weavers featured a large motif in the rug’s center combined with a complex geometric double or triple border of lozenge or diamond shapes. These Navajo rugs were so unique and appealing that they became known as the Ganado regional style.

PLU 60494

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