"Native Fuschia Dreaming" Aboriginal Painting by Marletta Napurrula Ross

Marlette lives in Yuendumu, an Aboriginal community located North West of Alice Springs. She lives in Yuendumu with her large extended family. Marlette has been painting through Warlukurlangu Artists, the local Aboriginal owned and governed art center since 1992. Marlette paints the traditional stories that have been passed down to her by her ancestors, these stories relate directly to her country and the features of the land and animals found in those places. Apart from painting Marlette also works at the local childcare “Kurdu Kurdu Kurlangu’ which is the best indigenous childcare in Australia. She is also raising her grandson Caymon. In her spare time she also likes to go out hunting in the country surrounding Yuendumu for traditional tucker including goanna, wild fruits.

The Aboriginal people of Australia have been using art to communicate for nearly 20,000 years. Ochre was used on rock walls, ceremonial articles, and as body paint, using symbols to pass down stories of cultural significance. As Creation plays a large role in the Aboriginal people's lives, it is also a core component of a majority of artwork. Artists generally paint from an aerial view, imagining themselves observing both the natural and metaphysical from above. Symbols make up a majority of the artwork, but dots and other textures are often added depending on the region of the artist.

Measures 18" x 18".