Mulberry Silk Scarf

With its stunningly graphic design and skillful and thoughtful woven details, you are sure to appreciate this beautiful work of art!  This exquisite scarf is hand-crafted by a team of artisans through a multi-step process that can take 10-15 days to complete. Designs are hand printed on 100% hand loomed, organic mulberry silk with natural, vegetable dyes. Mulberry silk is ethically harvested and fabricated to be among the strongest and color rich in the world.

Any imperfections or irregularities in this scarf are not considered a flaw but a sign of the hand craftsmanship that goes into the piece.

Dry clean only.

Made in India.

Celebrating traditional textile techniques in correlation with embracing new age technologies, this scarf values the artisan craft.  Dupatta Designs is in constant pursuit of high-quality, unique accessories for extraordinary women who want to make a statement. With a focus on all-natural fibers and handmade textiles, they are committed to offering remarkable scarves in a rich color palette.

Working with skilled artisans from India, the technique is often passed down through generations enabling women and families to maintain a sustainable trade. Your purchase supports these traditions crafts and the people who work hard to bring them to life!