Alice Cling Jar

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Alice Cling is noted for the graceful shapes of her pottery. Here is a beautiful jar with the characteristic and beautiful brown color of her work. All of her pieces are made using traditional Indian pottery methods. This means she does not use the potters wheel to achieve symmetry, but only hand shaping as she coils the pot. Covering the pot with pine sap to create a rough surface, Alice then takes a smooth stone and burnishes the pot to smooth out the texture. The darkened areas of her pottery are made when the pottery is fired.

This beautiful jar expands from a small base to the mid body and then upward in a graceful neck to the opening at the top. Burnished to a flawless finish, there are several deliberately placed fire clouds that accent the plainness of the undecorated jar.

The jar is signed on the underside, in the clay, “Alice Cling”.