Angela Martin Multi Color Branch Hoop Earrings

These earrings are a great design with a very contemporary feel and look.  It may look "simple" to make but, to get the desired result, it is anything but.  The twists and turns have to be just right and each subsequent wire complements the piece geometrically.  Sterling silver is mixed with copper and brass to give the earrings its tricolor effect.

Signed  A. Martin and hallmarked Sterling.

Born and raised in Crownpoint, New Mexico, Angela Martin was taught the craft of silversmithing by her father and uncle along with four sisters and three brothers.  She feels that their teaching technique of “learn it”, has been a valuable lesson in life.  Angela has been creating with silver since the age of 13. When she learned the craft, everything was still being done in the old way. Silver ingot was pulled through a draw plate to make different gauges of sheet. The scraps were melted and pulled through a draw plate to create wire.  Hand cranked polishing and grinding wheels was used.  Angela has a vast knowledge of the trade, making it easy for her to adapt to any style.