Jason Younis y Delgado Tin Business Card Holder

This business card holder is crafted from tin with hand punched designs.  The back includes Jason's signature.  Each bench is one-of-a-kind.  The photo represents a general style for the punched work.

Jason Younis y Delgado, a Santa Fe native, is a 5th generation tinsmith from the famed Delgado tinsmith family.  He was taught the art of tinsmithing by his grandmother, the legendary Angelina Delgado, from an early age.  Jason's tools and designs have been passed down through his family and also hand-fashioned by him to match family designs.  Jason's designs, incorporating his own unique imagery, are drawn from traditional family patterns and punchwork. He participates in local and regional shows and demonstrations.  Jason also teaches classes through local parks and the Albuquerque Senior Centers.