Jackalope Rider by Delbert Buck

Another smile-provoking social commentary, hand made and amusing, from this leading folk artist.  It is sure to brighten your home and spirits.

Navajo Folk Artist Delbert Buck was born in Shiprock, New Mexico to Wilford and Jenny Buck.  Like other Navajo folk artists, Delbert is self-taught with the unusual distinction of starting at the ripe old age of nine.  His artwork started in an innocent way with the carving of toy guns for his younger brothers. His ideas come from looking around at the ordinary things in his daily life whether animals or people.  Delbert feels his work has a life energy all its own.  He can look at one of his carvings and envision a man riding a chicken down the road.  Some Delbert's favorite and repeated topics are airplanes, horses and cowboys and wagons.

Measures 11" x 12".