Mandalas: A Coloring Book by Paul Heussenstamm

Paul Heussenstamm’s vibrant sacred art incorporates principles of many religious traditions, among them Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. His signature motif is the mandala, a mystic symbol that for him, “has opened the doorway into the symbolic language of the soul.”

Mandalas, which are typically circular and geometric in form, often represent wholeness or unified energy. Mandalas have played a role in Eastern spiritual development for centuries and are widely favored as meditational focal points because of their balancing and calming effects.

Heussenstamm (American, b. 1949) is a fourth-generation artist and a practitioner of the Eastern tradition of transmission, in which a painting travels through the artist. He is also a teacher, regularly holding mandala-painting workshops around the world and at his Laguna Beach, California, studio so that others may discover their spiritual path through art.