Mary Antonio Garcia Owl

Accomplished Acoma Pueblo potter Mary (Antonio) Garcia processes her own clay, hand coils her pottery, collects or gathers indigenous plants, rocks and rain water to create her paints and fires her own painted pottery in shallow pits outside in order to fuse the clay.  Her techniques and attention to detail produce beautiful pieces of modern Acoma pottery.

In 1962, Mary Antonio Garcia was born into the Roadrunner Clan of the Acoma Pueblo located in New Mexico.  She began her career in Native American Acoma pottery in 1979.  Her parents were the highly respected Acoma artists, David Antonio and Hilda Antonio.  Mary signs all of her work with the hallmark "Antonio".  Other well-known Acoma potters within Mary Antonio Garcia's family include her grandmother Eva Histia, great aunts Elizabeth Wocanda and Lucy Martin Lewis and her aunt Rose Torivio.  In the past, Native People's Magazine, The Journal of American Indian Education and The Daily Pennsylvania have written articles regarding Maria Antonio Garcia.  In Pennsylvania, her pottery creations were included in the "A Celebration of the American Southwest" exhibit at the University Museum.