Melvin & Marietta Juanico Pot

Marietta and Melvin Juanico have been creating their traditional Acoma pottery for over 30 years as a collaborating wife & husband team. Marietta began working with clay at 6 years old while being raised by her grandmother, Helen Patricio. She learned early on the importance of Acoma pottery and how it has been and continues to be a vital part of the Acoma people. Marietta and Marvin appreciate being part of a longstanding tradition. "Seeing the finished pieces makes us feel happy and thankful that we can still be a part of Acoma pottery making and give people the opportunity to purchase our pottery artwork so they can enjoy them in their own homes."

Measures 2 1/2" h x 3 1/2" w. Signed M.P. Juanico, Acoma, NM.