Debra Gasper Mountain Lion Fetish

The mountain lion is the guardian of the northern direction. It's spirit is associated with personal power and resourcefulness, independence, leadership, spiritual intensity, intuition, fierce protectiveness and loyalty. The mountain lion is marked with it's tail up and over the back.

Measures 2.5" L x 1" H x .75" W.

Debra Gasper (Zuni) is a descendent of the Weahkee family, one of the oldest Zuni families known for fetish carvings. Just like her parents, Debra has become an extremely talented Zuni fetish carver for both free-standing animals as well as necklaces. Debra’s animals are full figured, three dimensional, and full of detail. She works in a variety of materials including turquoise, fossilized ivory, marble, and pen shell. Debra is married to Ray Tsethlikai and they will occasionally collaborate on pieces together.