Owls: Paintings by Jeremy Paul 2020 Wall Calendar

Wildlife artist Jeremy Paul has been painting for more than thirty years, creating realistic works influenced by his background as a marine biologist. Self-taught, he began painting in earnest after spending a year in the early 1980's on a barely inhabited island off the coast of Skye, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. The place was abundant with wildlife, inspiring what eventually became a new career.

In the years since, Paul (English, b. 1954) has traveled extensively in search of artistic subjects. He paints everything from the smallest backyard birds to the world’s most imposing land mammals. Of his work he says, “My aim as a wildlife artist is not merely to illustrate but to impart the atmosphere of the setting and the feel of the wildlife in its natural environment.” His paintings of birds are among his most recognized works.

12" x 13".  Opens to 12" x 26".