Herbert Halate Raven Fetish

The raven is not a traditional fetish but he is carved often and beautifully.  Some artisans will put a seed in the raven's mouth. He is generally carved of jet or black marble though he can appear in virtually any stone of the artist's choosing. While considered somewhat of a prankster, he doesn't have the negative characteristics associated with the coyote. The raven can help us work through failure and shortcomings by reminding us that anything we have the courage to face, we have the power to transform.

Zuni fetishes are carvings made from various materials by the Zuni people. Traditionally, fetishes served a ceremonial purpose for their creators and they represented animals and figures that were part of their culture. Today, as a form of Native American Art, they are sold to collectors worldwide. With myriad of materials like turquoise, shell, jet, marble, serpentine and much more, Zuni fetish carvers are able to create carvings in a style of their own.

Herbert Halate has been carving fetishes for more than 20 years. His style is abstract, with large, smooth carvings of heavy, stylized bears and animals. Herb is most famous for his jet carvings.

Herb has created this one of a kind, raven fetish from jet with inlaid turquoise eyes.  Hallmarked and signed Halate.