Thomas Charley Rectangle Clip Sterling Silver Earrings

These earrings feature beautiful applique sterling silver in Thomas Charley's famous "water bead" design which features a row of domed silver bars flanked by borders of twisted sterling wire ropes.  They are elegant, sophisticated and unmistakable.  Stamped Sterling and hallmarked TC.

Born and raised in Canoncito, New Mexico, Thomas Charley learned the art of silversmithing by watching his parents as a young child.  Thomas has created his own style over the years and is well known for his designs.  He has upheld the tradition of his family for over 30 years.  Following in his footsteps, his wife and three children have joined the business and now help to carry on the Charley family name through jewelry.  Thomas has retired from silversmithing.  His niece Priscilla Apache continues his work and unique designs.