Tiny Smudge Kit

Small selenite wand, palo santo, and sweetgrass bundle nestled in a pink abalone shell is the perfect way to smudge while out and about. Stick it in your purse or pocket to use right when you need it. This teeny smudge kit is great for a small thoughtful gift or to add on to a larger gift to complete your thoughtful wishes.

Selenite's energy clears etheric blockages and debris, allowing for a free flow of energy that facilitates connection and communication with the Higher Self. This stone is best used for clearing energetic fields. It can also be used to direct high frequency energy to the body.

Palo Santo is a wonderful daily smudge. It's scent is light, not overwhelming, and settles nicely. Use Palo Santo to smudge negative energies and vibrations.

Sweetgrasshas been used in ceremony for hundreds of years. It is best to burn sweetgrass to attract positive energy into your surroundings. Sweetgrass is also very protective and acts as a shield.