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Yaakni' Chokma' Artist Series Blanket

Mahota Textiles is the first textile company envisioned and owned by a North American tribe. They create meaningful textiles that elevate the beauty and treasured culture, inspired by their Southeast heritage. Mahota’s textiles tell their stories in expressive imagery and soft, warm woven materials.

Special Edition in Collaboration with Joanna Underwood Blackburn

This blanket gives life to ancient pottery of the Mississippian Culture Period (900-1400 AD) when Chickasaw women held important roles as chief pottery makers and water bearers. The large woodpecker gourd jar depicts the importance of squash, melons, and the prominence of the woodpecker in Chickasaw culture. Spiral water designs under the rims of the vessels give honor and thanks to “oka,” water, the sustainer of life. The fish effigy pot represents fish and all things associated with water.” – Mahota


64 x 51 Inches

100% Chemical-free cotton

Made sustainably in the USA

Fabric Care

Gentle wash cold. Air dry or dry clean

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