Large Hand Carved Meerkat Sculpture

The meerkat is a vital, clever, and amazing weasel-like animal that is a member of the mongoose family. Most meerkats live in underground burrows in large groups of up to 40 individuals called a gang or a mob. The mob is made up of several family groups, spending their time grooming and playing together to keep the family as a tight unit. This community existence helps the meerkats survive.

In recent decades, Zimbabwe has become widely recognized internationally for its sculpture. Many of these pieces are of African wildlife, depicting their unique surroundings in a variety of ways. As indigenous hard woods are becoming increasingly scarce, more artisans are turning to developing products with non-indigenous and non-endangered materials. This meerkat is carved from a single piece of Jacaranda wood, then polished and finished. Sculpture measures 20" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". Bring home a whole family!